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Renovations underway at Clayton County dispatch center

Renovations underway at Clayton County Sheriff's Office

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The Clayton County Sheriff's Office dispatch center near Elkader is undergoing renovations. The dispatch center is only eight years old, but Chief Deputy Ryan Johnson it needs to be updated.

"As with any construction project once you get stuff done there are always things you wish you would have done or knew about while you were doing the construction," Johnson said Sunday.

Johnson said shortly after construction he became aware other dispatch centers use hydraulic lift stations for each of the dispatchers. The hydraulic stations allow desks to adjust according to the dispatchers height or preference.The Clayton County Sheriff's Office had installed a standard desk that wrapped around the dispatch center. The desks were uncomfortable for some dispatchers.

"We have a dispatcher who is barely 5', she is a female and then we have a male who is 6' 3" tall. So just having one standard desk height isn't always user friendly," Johnson said.

This year, the Clayton County Sheriff's Office and Clayton County Emergency Management had some left over money in their communications budget. Johnson said the two organizations decided come together to fund renovations to the 10 ft. x 25 ft. dispatch center. Johnson said he estimates the project to cost $30,000.

Through renovations the dispatch center will remain the same size, but storage will be added to the room to make it more comfortable. The renovations also include painting the room, a second door, and hydraulic desks which dispatchers will be able to adjust to their size.

"(Clayton County) is fairly unique for this area. We dispatch everything for the entire county which includes fire, EMS, and law enforcement for every agency and entity in the county. Our dispatchers are in that room 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. That is where they live everyday. Anything that we can do to make it better for them, to make it more user friendly, to make it more ergonomic for them, it not only helps them do there job more efficiently, but it takes some stress off of them," Johnson said.

Renovations to the dispatch center began last week. Johnson said so far renovations are moving as anticipated. He said he expects the renovations to be completed in two weeks.

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