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Local law enforcement react to 'T-Bone' Taylor's death

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July 12th, 1981 officer Michael Hoing and officer Wayne Rice were shot and killed by James Michael "T-Bone" Taylor.

Current Waterloo police Captain Tim Pillack was two years on the force when it happened. He says hearing of Taylor's death brings up a lot of memories.

 "Thought back about that to the week and the weeks and trial and that kind of thing," said Pillack.

Rice and Hoing were responding to a loud noise complaint for the second time that night. Taylor hit officer Rice in the head, took his weapon and shot him.  Officer Hoing returned fire, but Taylor shot Hoing four times.

It took another five days and a massive manhunt to bring Taylor into custody.

"We knew that he had killed two police officers and we knew that there was danger for the public and so we wanted to make sure that he was caught without killing somebody else," said Pillack.

But during  the search, Black Hawk County Sheriff's deputy William Mullikin died in a car crash while responding to a reported sighting of Taylor. It was at his funeral when a number of law enforcement officers heard news that T-Bone Taylor was found.

"Officers started getting up and just filing out quietly as could be but as soon as they got outside officers were on a dead run to get to their cars to get down in that area," said Capt. Rick Abben, BHCO Sheriff's Office.

A state trooper eventually caught T-Bone Taylor in a bean field near La Porte City. Still nearly 33 years later Captain Pillack says he remembers that tough week and the officers they lost.

"Both great guys. Good family men. They were a lot of fun. We had a good time. They were hard working officers. We hung out together. It was a lot of fun," said Pillack.
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