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Waverly passes urban chicken ordinance


Usually, animals allowed in towns are limited to pets like dogs and cats but now, people in Waverly are allowed to have chickens as well.

Ed Westen lives in Waverly with six chickens in his garage.

"For me it was just an expansion of an already existing idea of wanting to grow as much of my own food as possible," Westen said.

Westen brought the idea of an urban chicken ordinance to the Waverly City Council in early September. The ordinance passed February 17 on a 4-3 vote.

"I think there was some support on the notion of people having chickens and leading self-sufficient lives and I know there were also questions on what's the appropriate place for essentially livestock in the community," Waverly City Administrator Phil Jones said.

The ordinance allows a maximum of four laying hens and no roosters, they aren't allowed to be slaughtered and their eggs cannot be sold.

The coop holding the chickens is also required to be at least 18 inches in height, surrounded by a fence and at least 25 feet from the property line.

Currently, there is only one person in the city with a permit.

"We're aware of some folks that do have chickens that haven't yet applied and so we're just kind of wanting to work with them to make sure that we can get them in and get their permits situated so they're under the new code," Jones said.

Westen has yet to apply for his permit and intends on selling two of his six hens to comply with the ordinance.

Permits cost $30 and are good for three years. They're available at the Waverly Planning and Zoning office at City Hall.
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