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Ethics complaint filed against Waterloo mayor


An ethics complaint has been filed against Waterloo Mayor Buck Clark.

Former Waterloo school board president Bill Kammeyer filed the complaint Thursday with the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, claiming Mayor Buck Clark used his city email account for "campaigning and political purposes."

Kammeyer says he used Iowa's open records law to obtain numerous emails from Clark because he was interested in being on the committee for re-writing Waterloo's animal control ordinance, for which he says he was turned away.

While searching through the emails, Kammeyer says Mayor Clark asks and offers campaign services to numerous organizations.

Mayor Buck Clark says he isn't very worried about the outcome of this, but will abide by their rules. He says he can't confirm or deny the emails were sent.

"Well, you know he says it is and obviously he's referencing emails there but I looked at this list and there again there's five of them there. I guess I'd rather just withhold comment at this point until we get an answer back from the ethics committee. I can't confirm that or deny it at this point. And there again we have five emails from people that I talk to all the time," said Mayor Clark.

Kammeyer says he isn't sure what will come from the ethics board, but he does want to hold the city government responsible.

"Let them know that, you know, come on if you want to be open and honest and you want the public to be involved then let us be involved. But don't be stonewalling us and telling us one thing and doing another," said Kammeyer.

The state ethics board is now set to review the complaint. 

KWWL asked to see the emails, but Kammeyer was out of town Thursday.

According to the release sent to the ethics committee Kammeyer attached emails pertaining to:

-Email communication between Black Hawk County Democrat Party Chair
Pat Sass and Mayor Buck Clark regarding campaign phone calling for
himself, and city candidates Pat Morrissey and Tavis Hall. (October 13th-14th, 2013)

-Email communication between UAW CAP Chairperson Charlie Larson and
Mayor Buck Clark regarding yard sign placement and support from UAW.
(October 21st, 2013)

-Email communication between Gary and Pat Miller of South View Estates
regarding in-kind donations of yard sign placement and flyer distribution.
(October 8th, 2013)

-Email communication between Councilwoman Carolyn Cole, employee of the
VGM Group and Strategic Media, regarding television advertisements for
campaign. (October 7th, 2013)

-Email communication between Mary Potter, President of Church Row
Neighborhood Association and Mayor Buck Clark outlining locations for his
campaign yard signs. (October 21st, 2013) 
-Email communication between former city council candidate and aide to
Congressman Bruce Braley, Tavis Hall, and Mayor Buck Clark regarding
Hall's appointment to the Planning and Zoning Commission. Also, note the
emails were sent from Hall's U.S. House of Representative email account.
( January 13th, 2014)

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