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UI staff, students already see progress in combating sexual assaults

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - Just weeks after president Sally Mason's controversial comments on sexual assaults sparked outrage, yet another sexual assault on the University of Iowa's campus, was reported Tuesday.

It marks the ninth this academic year, however administrators and student's say they have already seen progression.

Tom Rocklin, VP for Student Life says sexual assaults are a problem that affects all people on the UI campus, and they need students' help to address it effectively.

“We've made a good deal of progress in just the last couple of weeks,” says Rocklin. “We included the line that says that 'the only person responsible is the perpetrators' because that what we believe and we want to emphasize that to the community.”

Staff and students alike say the change in language in the university’s timely warning emails and press releases were needed.

Graduate student Chelsea Bacon, one of the protesters during Sally Mason’s Presidential Lecture last month, says that sentence was never listed so strongly in the emails, but now that it is, it’s a positive sign toward progression.

“I think that's a really tangible step that they've taken thus far,” said Bacon

President Mason addressed the Board of Regents Wednesday, and discuss the progress already made in implementing her recently-announced six-point plan to combat sexual assaults.

“One of our plans in the 6-point plan is to improve our communications and the timely warnings have been adjusted, and honestly I've heard from an awful lot of students who appreciates the changes that we've made,” says Rocklin.

Rocklin says students' input help the administration better communicate the university's position in battling sexual assaults on campus.

“It's still very early, so it would be really troublesome to have all this progress initially and have nothing because there are really big steps that still need to take place,” said Bacon.
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