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City crews thaw out frozen storm sewers in Waverly

WAVERLY (KWWL) - City officials in Waverly say there are too many frozen storm drains to count.

"With the snow and stuff we've had build up of ice around them, so they haven't been able to take water, and we've had to open them up," said Public Works Superintendent Brian Sullivan.

City crews in Waverly have spent three days trying to thaw out frozen storm drains with a high powered hose that essentially jets out water so fast it breaks the ice that's causing the jam in the storm drain.

"We just hope Spring's around the corner," said Sullivan.

Sullivan said when it warms up some of the storm drains might actually thaw out themselves.

Sullivan also said there have been a handful of sanitary service lines reported as frozen.

He said if a homeowner notices a toilet flushing slower or a shower draining slower to contact a plumber before the sewer service line completely freezes up.

He also recommends people continue to leave a trickle of water running in their homes if the temperature of their water is below 40 degrees.
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