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Warmer weather causing problems for rural school districts

ALBURNETT (KWWL) - Tuesday the Alburnett Community School District had to re-route some buses due to standing water on the roads. It's a problem they may be facing a lot this spring. Many of the district's 650 students take one of the seven bus routes. Like many other smaller districts, Alburnett buses drive rural routes which aren't typically the first cleared when snow or flooding happen.

"When they're impassable, they're just impassable and certainly standing water is not what we want our buses traveling through," said Dani Trimble, Alburnett Community School District Superintendent.

Alburnett officials rely on parents and bus drivers to communicate when there might be a safety issue on the roads so they can try to come up with alternative plans. The district tries to avoid defaulting to "hard-surface only" routes in spring, though it does have those as well.

"There may be only one route that you need a slight adjustment on and so you've now made adjustments to everyone's schedule," said Trimble.

Tuesday's flooding in Linn County was pretty minor but did cause erosion on some roads.

"Water usually tops the road and it does erode, eat away the road stone and washes it down in the ditch so we'll use a machine," said Gary Franck, Linn County Secondary Roads. "A road grater comes back and smooths it out."

With all the snow, ice and cold we had this year county crews expect they'll be fixing a lot of soft spots. They say last year did not bring many problems, which meant the Alburnett Community School District rarely had to alter routes.
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