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Frozen pipes? One plumber has temporary solution

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Experts say they may have a temporary fix for people dealing with frozen pipes, but you'll need help from your neighbor.

"A lot of people are without water right now. I think the totals up around 700 between Waterloo and Cedar Falls. I just hate to see that," said Steve Collum with Plumbing Concepts in Cedar Falls. "But this is a good temporary fix for people to get their water back,"

Plumbing Concepts says the process starts by hooking up a hose from one outside faucet to the outside faucet next door, and then turning them both on. They say you will need a washing machine hose as well.

They say you'll need to also shut off the main water valve in the house without water.

"And you can feed that house like it is when you're running off the water main," said Collum. "The only thing you have to do is let water run in the hose that's froze up so the hose doesn't freeze up."

Collum says he's seen this work multiple times and says it's a possible option for people waiting for their pipes to thaw.

He says for safety reasons he wouldn't advise drinking the water, but it can be used for other things, like flushing toilets or taking a shower.

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