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Iowan born in Russia reacts to situation in Ukraine


Tatyana Kieler was born in Russia and later moved to Ukraine, living in Crimea. She moved to the United States ten years ago after getting married. When she decided to open her own business, she went back to learn more about cooking.

"They taught how to cook and bake for big amount of people," said Kieler, owner of Tatyana's Coffee Shop and Cafe in Hiawatha.

Now she's an American citizen, but she still has deep ties to Crimea, where Russian troops recently marched in and took control.

"I talk on the phone every other day with my relatives because my family living there, part of them in Crimea, part of them in Kiev," said Kieler.

International leaders are calling on Russia to withdraw.

"I think the strong condemnation it has received from the countries around the world indicates the degree to which Russia is on the wrong side of history on this," said President Obama.

Kieler disagrees.

"All people who is living in Crimea wants to the Russia or independent republic," said Kieler.

She's waiting, like many others, to see what will happen.

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