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Mom goes a day without cell phone, blogs about it


An eastern Iowa mom went one day without her cell phone.

Many of us can't even imagine a couple of minutes without our devices, but for 24-hours, separation anxiety might sink in.

Brook Easton is an avid blogger, working mom of two and devout cell phone user, but for whatever reason she was up for the no phone challenge with her cell phone provider, U.S. Cellular.

"And I failed miserably…" said Easton. "I don't think I would ever do it again, it's indispensable."

Easton says me from the time she got up that cell phone-less day she felt lost, and out of the loop.

Her Wednesday started out normal, until she left the house.

"I take it with me to the gym. I used it as a flashlight to guide myself down the stairs. So, since I was without my cell phone, I basically fell down the stairs," said Easton.

Her cell phone-less day went downhill from there.

Her workout exercises, schedules, reminders, and even emergencies are all dependent on her phone.

"Do you not have your phone today, because I just tried to call you 15 times and tried to text you and our son is home sick because he has strep throat," said Easton. "At that point I was like this is why we have our phones."

While the social experience with U.S. Cellular was great, she says it reinforced how vital our devices have become.

Easton says it's practically her brain and helps her keep track of things, and allows her to be more organized.

If you want to read more on her blog from her cell phone-less day CLICK HERE.

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