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Son of National Guardsman gets b-day wish of helicopter flight

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All of Brandin Frey's life, he's wanted to join the military and fly a Black Hawk helicopter like his dad.

On Wednesday, Staff Sergeant James Frey and his wife Courtney waited patiently for their son Brandin to make his way to the Army Aviation Support Facility in Waterloo to do just that.

"From when he was about five years old, he started asking me, 'When do I get to fly on this?' and I said 'Well son, as soon as you sign on the dotted line you can go on a ride in these,'" said James Frey.

That's exactly what Brandin did. After he turned 17, Brandin joined the Iowa Army National Guard.

"He came home and said, 'OK, I want my ride now," said Frey.

So for his 18th birthday, Brandin's parents set him up to fly with the Iowa National Guard. But this was more than a helicopter ride.

"I would think of no greater gift, for how hard he's worked, then to let him go up and fly his first flight with his father," said Courtney Frey.

After years of being  the "man of the house" while his dad was on deployment twice to Iraq and once to Kuwait, his parents hope this is a birthday he will never forget.

"I've been waiting for a really long time to get a flight, and this is a path I want to go for my future," Brandin Frey said. "This is a great step in following my dream that I always had."

After graduating from Aplington-Parkersburg High School, Brandin will head to Fort Eustis, Va., for more military training. He then plans to study engineering at Iowa State University.

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