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Cedar Falls family creating snow sculptures that 'move'

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For the third year in a row, Jason Fort of Cedar Falls has built a "moving" snow sculpture in his front yard.

With the assistance from his two kids, Cooper and Morgan, Fort has created multiple sculptures based on his theme of a snowman and a snow dog.

Over the course of the season, Fort and his kids change and build the sculptures to show movement.

The sculpture currently is of a snowman playing Frisbee with his snow dog.

Fort said building his sculptures gives him a good opportunity to get outside and do something with his kids.

"They enjoy it and we have a blast doing it together so I think just doing it together to get us outside is the most important thing, and then it just became, I don't know, just an art form and fun."

Fort said once the snow is in packing condition, he and his kids will change the movement of the sculpture again.

Potential plans for the next sculpture's movement may not include the dog, but Fort says the snowman will appear to be traveling somewhere.

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