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First Responders fight through snow

Even in severe weather, First Responders still have go out on the roads, so they make sure they're prepared.

When the calls come in, Waterloo Fire and Rescue is often first on the scene, no matter the road conditions.

"Well, one of the things we have to be prepared for is any inclement weather," said Lt. William Beck of Fire and Rescue.

But he said winter is definitely tougher.

"The ice and the snow are probably our two biggest concerns," Beck said.

When the snow gets deep, and roads ice over, Beck said they put chains on the fire trucks and ambulances. However, that comes at the price of speed.

"Our response times are going to be slower," Beck said. "Just like everyone should be going slower in this kind of weather, we have to as well."

The max speed trucks can run with chains is 35 miles per hour.

Beck said their average response time anywhere in the city is about 2-3 minutes on dry pavement, and only about 4-5 in snow. However, he recommends you prevent the emergency in the first place, if possible.

"Make sure that any heating sources are safe," Beck said. "Chimneys have been cleaned, furnaces have been maintained, just to prevent any type of fire from occurring."

Still, if something happens, he said they're ready.

"Safety is paramount, anytime there's an emergency," Beck said. "We have to look at the big picture."

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