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Hundreds without running water in Waterloo

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Hundreds of homeowners across Eastern Iowa are being forced to figure out how to live without running water. It's a growing situation as the service lines to those homes may stay frozen for weeks.

Jesse Tink lives in Waterloo and has been without water for more than a week.

"Everything had worked in the morning and then we got home at about 7:30 that evening, everything was froze up," said Tink.

But Tink isn't the only one dealing with this situation

"We have a list of nearly two hundred folks that we're aware of, but talking to plumbers and other folks who remedy this we think we have as many as five hundred people that have frozen service lines," said Dennis Clark, Waterloo Water Works.

There isn't much the city can do for these folks. The frozen service lines leading to these homes are the homeowner's responsibility. Instead the city is doing what it can on its end with the main lines.

"We're flowing water out of hydrants to exchange the water. So we're moving the water through the distribution system to increase the temperature as much as we can," said Clark.

City officials say it's important for everyone, not just for people in Waterloo, to keep checking the temperature of their water. You want a temperature of over 38 degrees.

City officials are also strongly suggest running water from your faucet while your gone, a pencil wide stream.

The city is trying to provide relief for folks without water. At the Waterloo Water Works Pumping station people can bring jugs to be filled up with water.

At fire station one in downtown Waterloo people can also fill up with water. The Northeast Iowa Food bank is also donating bottled water and you can pick that up there too.

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