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Melt reveals rough roads, potholes

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Melting snow revealed bumpy roads Tuesday in the Cedar Valley.

"They suck," said one Waterloo motorist.

Potholes, frost heaves -- winter has not been gentle to roads or drivers.

"I hit a huge boulder that had come out of the pothole and was laying on the street," said Robyn Gedusky. "There was actually, like, re-bar coming out of it."

"It's actually the piece of cement is laying on the ground next to the pothole," said another driver.

The chunk of pavement was finally scooped up by a Sheriff's deputy. But rubble and pockmarked pavement had drivers worried for their vehicles.

"It would bend my rim, ruin my car," said one woman. "I'd have to call a tow truck."

Many obstacles were hidden in melt water that was trapped on the street by icy storm drains

City crews worked through the afternoon to clear the accumulation.

Waterloo officials said they plan to start patching potholes Wednesday, but in the meantime, the roads will stay bumpy.

"Yeah, it's awful," Gedusky said. "They're horrible. I'm very upset."

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