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Melting snow creates ice dams on roofs

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IOWA CITY (KWWL) - With the above freezing temperatures expected over the next few days, ice dams are sure to be a problem.

If you've noticed icicles hanging from the gutters of your home, you might want to be concerned.

While they were appealing to the eye, they can cause some serious problems.

Ice dams are blocks of ice that form on the edges of your roof lines preventing melting snow from draining through gutters and forcing water to back up, leaking inside.

The owner of Professional Roofing and Siding company says they've gotten several calls about snow and roofing concerns.

Ken Reasoner, a homeowner says he's dealt with ice dams before.

“I just let nature take its course and hopefully it doesn't get into my basement, never has yet, I've lived here 12 years,” said Reasoner. “If it comes leaking over my gutters then I get concerned.”

To help prevent ice dams from forming, roofing professionals say use a roof rake to clear the heavy snow from your roof after each snow storm.

They say you should always call if you noticed ice formations on the edges of your roof, because trying to do it yourself is dangerous.

Ice dams can cause ceiling, floor and wall damage. They can also rip off gutters and loosen your shingles, something potentially costly.
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