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New traffic camera rules in place

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CEDAR RAPIDS (KWWL) - Ashley Weaver drove to Cedar Rapids Wednesday from her home in North Liberty, passing through a set of speed cameras on Interstate 380.

"My view on it is, if they are not going to pull you over in person, a camera shouldn't give you a ticket," said Weaver.

For years, the Cedar Rapids Police Department has stated the cameras improve safety on the "S-Curve" on Interstate 380 going through Downtown Cedar Rapids. Now officers have to prove that to the Iowa Department of Transportation each year.

"Ensure that, hey, this system is really working and this is why it's working and really it's all about the facts," said Steve Gent, Director of Traffic and Safety for the DOT. "We don't want people to say 'yeah we know it's working.' Well, tell us."

The new rules began Wednesday. The DOT spent two years working on them after noticing more and more speed and red light cameras popping up across the state. Until now, there were no rules governing traffic cameras in Iowa.

"It helps all Iowans to be sure that these systems are really for the safety," said Gent.

The rules only apply to cameras on state highways and interstates and Cedar Rapids Police Chief Wayne Jerman says currently the department will not be changing the way it operates them.

Drivers like Weaver are glad to know the DOT will be keeping an eye on how the cameras are used.

"I think they should," said Weaver. "It's our taxpayer money. So they should have to prove that it's doing something."

According to the DOT, Iowa is the only state in the country that allows speed cameras to be permanently placed on highways and interstates. Since speed and red light cameras went up in Cedar Rapids, nobody has been killed in a crash in any of the monitored areas.
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