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Grundy Center handyman accused of hiding cameras in Ames home

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A Grundy Center man is in jail, accused of planting hidden cameras in a home to capture images of a woman living there.

This allegedly happened at a home in Ames, where 45-year-old David Araiza was working as a handyman. Police arrested him at his Grundy Center home Friday.

Police say Araiza was secretly recording a woman living in the home with a small camera, in what looked like a key fob for a vehicle.

Police say they found audio recordings and naked pictures of two people from three cameras planted inside the Ames home.

David Araiza faces two counts of unlawful interception of communication and two counts of invasion of privacy.

We spoke to the Grundy County Sheriff, who says there are no charges being filed against Araiza locally. They say so far, they haven't heard of anyone in our area being victimized.

Maximum Sight and Sound in Waterloo installs security systems in homes and commercial businesses. Owner Terry Root says hidden cameras can help protect your home.

"They can be hidden in a clock, a smoke detector. There's various places where we can conceal those," said Root. "Some burglars are pretty smart when it comes to cameras, knowing where they're at. They're looking for the cameras so they know how to hide from them. So we're concealing them so they don't know where they're at," said Root.

Experts say cameras can be used for all different things, and they're easy to buy.

With a quick Google search,  for about $80 you can buy a key fob camera, like the one found in Ames. There are even cameras someone can disguise as a USB flash drive.

Private investigator James Whitmer says if you feel threatened, he has equipment that can detect cameras in your home.

"I have this device that basically all you do is its got a view finder you look through it and I believe it's lasers that it sends out and it can detect the curvature of the lens and I can very, very clearly see if there is a camera there," said Whitmer.

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