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High propane prices stretch farmers' budgets

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Higher than usual propane prices continue to force people to make some tough decisions. Some people are struggling to heat their homes, while others also try to keep their animals warm and their businesses afloat.

Steve Burrows bought enough propane for his turkey farm near Sumner, before the prices got too high.

"We really haven't had to buy any propane at the higher prices so far. We had like 60 to 70 percent in all our tanks when this hit so what we've done is try to conserve a little bit," said Burrows.

He says they have had to conserve though by lowering the temperatures in some of his barns and making sure buildings are sealed tight.

He says it take a high temperature to keep these turkeys alive.

"I mean they're four to five days old and they have to have temperatures between 80 and 90 degrees to be able to survive," said Burrows.

But experts say this is an issue for farmers across the Midwest.

"The livestock industry, if you're bringing in new pigs into a confinement barn those nursery pigs need to stay warm and they are not generating that much body heat so you have to supplement the heat with propane," said Kelvin Leibold, ISU Extension and Outreach.

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