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Doctors doubt Kayden Powell was outside all night

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Doctor Jeffrey Segar saw Kayden Powell just hours after the six-day-old was taken to the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics after being found outside the West Branch BP in below freezing temperatures.

"He was active, vigorous, had normal vital signs," said Segar, Director of Neonatology. "He had been fed and by report had been fed very vigorously."

Investigators had been searching the area on Friday for baby Kayden. That's because police arrested Kristen Smith nearby the day before on charges from Texas. She says she's Kayden's mom's half-sister and was considered a person of interest. She's now charged with kidnapping. But where was Kayden for the nearly 30 hours between Smith's arrest and the time he was found? Doctors say it's hard to believe he was outside, even if he was in a plastic bin, wrapped in blankets.

"I would have expected, at best, a very severely ill appearing infant who would've been extremely cold," said Segar.

We called the FBI Monday and were told this is an ongoing investigation. Investigators won't say if they believe Kayden was truly outside for more than a day. They also wouldn't comment on whether they're looking for other suspects.

Medically speaking, doctors are skeptical.

"I cannot believe, from a medical standpoint, that that infant could have been outside for 29 hours," said Segar.

If Kayden was outside that whole time, then Segar says just one thing.

"It's miraculous," said Segar.

Doctors say when you're bundling up infants for this kind of weather, you should put at least one more layer on them than you feel comfortable in.
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