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Local College radio station streaming live after two year hiatus

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An eastern Iowa college radio station is back online after a two-year hiatus. On Monday, Loras College's student-run and operated radio station, KLCR, was back on the air. A group of students at Loras College came together to help put KLCR back on the Internet.

Dr. Paul Kohl is the faculty administrator for KLCR. He said the radio station has a history with Loras College.

"KLCR has been here for a long time. Before it was KLCR; it was KLOR. It's been here at least since the 1980's." Kohl said Monday morning.

Dr. Kohl said it was lack of student interest and outdated equipment that ultimately left KLCR silent for two years.

"Its had its ups and downs. Depending on the student availability to run the station." Kohl said.

Stephanie Benic is a sophomore at Loras College. She worked closely with eight other students to help bring KLCR back online and streaming live.

"This used to be a huge thing at Loras College," Benic said. "Having the chance to host your own show and be a DJ. There are just so many opportunities that can come out of being involved in KLCR that would look great on a resume, and it's a lot of fun."

Prior to the KLCR' re-launch, Benic and other students build an executive board for the radio station. The group also updated the station's constitution, diagnosed previous problems with the station and identified solutions to ensure KLCR is successful. The group was also able to obtain new equipment through the help of students, alumni, faculty and staff of Loras College.

Benic said it took the group a lot of work to re-launch the live streaming of KLCR on Monday.

"We've gone through a lot of tech problems. We have gone through a lot of advertising and financing, but this semester and today [Monday] we are back on the air. Its been a lot of hard work, but the whole team has a lot of motivation and commitment to the whole project." Benic said Monday afternoon.

Benic said the group is still working through a few technical problems. They are also working on creating a sustainable budget for KLCR through fundraising.

"We are working on a lot of different fundraising ideas. Right now, we have t-shirts and we are looking into selling stickers." Benic said.

The nine-member group hopes the re-launch of KLCR will lead to others joining the team.

"It's not just for the media studies majors, he public relations majors or anyone just interested in music. I'm a business management major, and I'm doing management of the radio. There are just so many things to get involved with." Benic said.

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