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CVS to kick the habit by not selling tobacco

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The nation's second-largest drug store chain is kicking the tobacco habit.

CVS stores across the U.S. will be pulling all tobacco products off their shelves, and Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller applauds the chain.

“I commend CVS for doing the right thing by pulling tobacco products from its store shelves,” said Miller. “This is a courageous corporate move that may result in some lost revenue, but it will save countless lives and improve the health of many, many people.”

The company’s decision could cost them about $2 billion a year in tobacco sales.

Helena Foulkes, President of CVS Pharmacy says the company wants all of it’s customers to be on the path to good health.

“We know that smoking is extremely antithetical to helping people with their health care needs," said Foulkes.

Matthew Cooper lives in Iowa City, he’s been smoking for almost 30 years.

He is in the quitting process and thinks the drug store's decision is great.

“It's a filthy habit,” said Cooper. “I love it, but I don't want it in my body anymore. I think it’s a good thing. Tobacco is a horrible drug it's filthy, it disgustingly addictive. With all the health problems it causes I don't see it being a bad thing for it to be slimming down in our society.”

The company made the announcement Wednesday to remove all cigarette and tobacco sales off their selves saying the sale of tobacco products is inconsistent with the company's purpose.

The company is still considering whether to sell e-cigarettes, but it plans to continue selling alcohol.

All tobacco products will be removed from all store shelves by October 1st

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