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Raptor watching over Dubuque schools

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A new visitor management system is now in place at schools and the administration building in the Dubuque Community School District. The system is called Raptor Visitor Management System. It requires visitors to have their state issued IDs scanned by the system when checking in to the district school or the administration building. Raptor will automatically check the visitors' names and birth dates against the National Sex Offender Registry. The system will then check the visitor into the district school or administration building log and received a time-stamped photo id so they can be easily identified.

Mike Cyze is the director of school and community relations for the Dubuque Community School District.

"It's a very popular system," Cyze said Tuesday. "The Raptor system itself has about 10,000 school districts that use the raptor system. There are some other districts in Iowa that use it. So we have been able to benefit from some of the other districts who have used it."

Amy Nevins is a clerical paraprofessional at Kennedy Elementary School in Dubuque.

"We have a list that we can see who is in the building. So it counts every single person that walks in the door versus just having them come in and sign in (on a clipboard). Now, you get to see them face to face so that is really nice."

Officials with the Dubuque Community School District said a visitor will need to have their IDs scanned in every building once. They said when an individuals comes back to that building, if the person working at the front desk recognizes them, they can be checked in without their ID. The Raptor system will still check the visitors name and birth date against the National Sex Offender Registry. But, they say, if the person working at the front desk does not know the visitor, they may have to scan their ID into the system, even if it has been scanned into the system previously.

"We look at safety as with a multi-layer approach," Mike Cyze said. "so we look at this as one additional layer of safety to our buildings. One of the great things about this system is that it allows us to pull visitor records from a remote location if for some reason we needed to clear a building."

"I just like knowing that if we are not in the building, if there were an emergency of something it's not like we have to grab anything. We can print this report from anywhere in the district, anyone of the district buildings. We will be able to make sure that every single person is out of that building." Amy Nevins said.

The Raptor Visitor Management System was funded primarily by a $24,000 Dubuque Racing Association Grant.

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