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Emerald ash borer positively found in Waterloo


A small bug could cost the city of Waterloo millions of dollars, and many trees.

Emerald ash borer has been identified in Waterloo. City employees were doing routine trimming on street trees when they discovered the beetle infestation.

"They seen the symptoms of the emerald ash borer. They cut the couple limbs off of those trees with the symptoms," said Todd Derifield, city forester.

After analyzing the limbs, the state entomologist confirmed they were infested with the beetle.

Waterloo has more than four thousand public ash trees.If the city were to remove and replace all the public trees, it would cost 3.7 million dollars.

"We are going to absorb a lot of that with our crews but if we can't keep up we will definitely need some assistance with some contractional funds," said Derifield.

The city plans to start removing the infested trees first and then go from there. They say the process may start in a few days. If you live on a private property, you are responsible to treat or take down that ash tree.

Experts are also urging people to be careful about moving firewood in & out of impacted areas.

"You can move things like the hardwood, firewood, ash logs within the state of Iowa however we still recommend, strongly recommend that people limit their movement. We call that buy local, burn local and try and keep it maybe within the county," said Robin Pruisner, state entomologist.

The discovery in Black Hawk County is the sixth in Iowa to be infested with the invasive beetle, joining Allamakee, Des Moines, Jefferson, Cedar and Union counties.


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