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Phone scam calls eastern Iowans

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The one ring cell-phone scam is calling eastern Iowans and police are warning you about it.

Many living in the Dubuque area have told us they were victims of this phone scam.

Coralville police say if you receive a call from a phone number in Antigua, Jamaica or another Caribbean Island, don't answer it and don't call back.

The scammers will only let the phone ring once, just long enough for your phone to get a missed call notification.

 “This one is a little unique because there's no attempt to contact the person, they're not trying to talk them into something,” said Lieutenant Shane Kron of Coralville Police. “Just simply returning their call is where the money starts.”

The scams usually come from area codes 268, 473, 767 and other numbers outside of the U.S.

If you called one of these numbers back, you should contact your cell phone company immediately and check your bill regularly.

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