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Relief in sight for bumpy roads or frost heaves


If you drive everyday, you know it's getting a little bumpy out there on Eastern Iowa roads, due to frost heaves.

"It's frost in the ground. The changing of temperatures of freezing and thawing causes them to heave," said Tony Pauley.

Pauley says they will fix the bumps on the roads, or frost heaves as soon as the frost thaws.

"It's an issue every year. They are quite an issue and they are hard on vehicles and stuff and there's really nothing we can do with them until the frost comes out and then we take a look at what we need to do to fix the roads," said Pauley.

Pauley says when the time is right the streets department plans to replace patches of roads and possibly shave down the humps.

Over at Witham Auto Service Center, repairmen have seen damage to tires, rims, and even the alignment.

They say if you think you have an issue, to get everything checked out sooner rather than later.

"If you have a damaged wheel or tire it may look visually fine but maybe there's some damage on the side wall. Just to have the technicians get a visual inspection on it to make sure there's nothing unsafe for you to be driving," said Aaron Potter, Witham Auto Center

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