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Fun-A-Day kicks off in Dubuque

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Some people in Dubuque are touting a fun and creative way to beat the winter blues.


Julie Arensdorf started Fun-A-Day Dubuque three years ago when she moved to the area.

"I moved here from Chapel Hill, North Carolina and my friends had started a Fun-A-Day chapter there," Arensdorf said Sunday morning.

Fun-A-Day Dubuque allows anyone, artist or not, to break out of that winter "funk" and tap into their inner creativity through an art project. During the month of February, Arensdorf is encouraging others to work on some sort of art project. For example, something you have been meaning to work on, something you saw on a blog, or even something on Pinterest. Arensdorf said there are no ideas too big or small.

"The idea is that you can fold a paper crane everyday or take a picture of your cat everyday," Arensdorf said.

The idea is to work on that art project every day during the month. Though, she said, there are no strict rules to keeping with that schedule.

"Whenever you want to start is fine," Arensdorf said Sunday. "If you want to start your project on Monday because that's when you have time and just catch up. Even if you only complete 14 projects during the month that is fine, too."

This year is Christine Darr's second year participating in Fun-A-Day Dubuque. This year, her husband and family will also be participating.

"Last year, I did a bunch of different designs for my garden. So it was fun to dream about what my garden will look like (in the spring)," Christine Darr said Sunday.

"Last year, my wife, Christine, did it and I got to see her as well as everyone else's results of what they had created during that month and it was really neat," Ben Darr said.

Christine Darr said she will spend this February learning how to embroider. Her husband, Ben Darr, will spend February finishing up a drawing of his family he had been working on.

"Having an external thing that tells me I should be doing this everyday is going to help me a lot," Ben Darr said Sunday.

Arensdorf said there is no place to sign up to participate in Fun-A-Day Dubuque. She said she just hopes Fun-A-Day Dubuque inspires others to express themselves creatively during the cold winter months.

Arensdorf said she does have a blog website with ideas for projects that can be created during Fun-A-Day Dubuque. That website is here. She also said there is a section on the website where people can let her know what they are working on.

In March, an art show will be held at the Dubuque Area Arts Collective Space to display works created during Fun-A-Day Dubuque. She said that art show is open to all that participated in Fun-A-Day Dubuque.

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