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Dubuque man creates bobsled-like run, giant snowman


Many parts of eastern Iowa have been completely covered with snow for months now. In Dubuque, one man is putting that snow to good use. Saturday afternoon, John Bauer went sledding with his children in his own backyard.

"When I was a kid actually we made trails like this, the neighborhood kids did. I thought it would be fun for my kids." John Bauer said.

For the past 5 years, Bauer has been making a bobsled-like sledding hill for his children in their backyard. The sledding hill is made from both snow and ice, and requires some maintenance throughout the cold winter months.

"Thick layers of snow sometimes cover it up and then we have to shovel it off," said Brady Bauer, John Bauer's son.

The sledding hill starts on the families back porch and wraps around their backyard.

"It seems to be getting bigger every year and a little more work every year," John Bauer said Saturday.

But that is not the only project Bauer is working on with his children. In his front yard stands a giant, at least 10 feet tall, snowman named "Slushie".

He created a snowman in the front yard last year. He said, just like the sledding hill, each year the snowman is taller.

"Last year, I made a snowman for the kids and it was a pretty good size one. Everyone in the neighborhood seemed to like it," John Bauer said.

He said in previous years he has had to borrow snow from neighbors to create a snowman. He said this year, he didn't have to do that.

"The last couple of years I have had to borrow snow from the neighbors, which I don't think they mind," Bauer said.

Bauer said he still has a lot of work to complete this year's snowman. He said this year is maybe his last year creating a giant snowman for his children.

"It is a lot of work," he said.

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