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Send cards to celebrate Ivan Sutton's 105th birthday February 4th

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Ivan Sutton has lived a long life. He turns 105 on February 4th. Sutton lived on his own until August when he moved in with his daughter.

"He still gets his own breakfast and dinner, and then he eats supper with us. He takes care of himself throughout the day. If he needs something, he just hollers," said daughter Pauline Walton.

Ivan Sutton grew up in Delaware County in Delhi. Each year, his daughter tries to do something special for his birthday. When he turned 100 in 2009, he went on his first ever plane ride.

"When I asked him this year what he wanted me to do he said just leave me alone (laughing)," said Walton.

Instead of completely letting the day pass unnoticed, Pauline Walton decided to do a shower of cards for her dad's birthday. She said the idea got posted online and it went viral. She tried to explain the concept to her dad.

"He doesn't understand the Internet, and I say you just type it in there and there it goes," said Walton.

Walton hoped her dad would receive 105 cards for his 105th birthday.

So far, he's already received more than 90 cards from ten states and multiple countries.

"It's amazing. I want to thank everybody for sending cards because I know we aren't going to be able to afford to send thank yous," said Pauline Walton.

Ivan Sutton is losing his hearing and sight, so his daughter has to read him the cards. However, he really looks forward to getting the mail.

"It's remarkable. They don't know me. I don't even know them. I'm glad to hear from them," said Ivan Sutton.

Sutton had six children and has 16 grandchildren. His 72-year-old daughter thinks his secrets to a long life are his faith and hard work.

If you'd like to send a card to Ivan for his birthday on Tuesday, February 4th, here is his address:

Ivan Sutton

2301 Grant Avenue

Independence, Iowa 50644

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