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Cedar Falls group in Georgia traffic jam

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A couple of inches of snow and ice caused massive traffic jams in Atlanta, Georgia, among the mess was a group of Iowans.

Connie Rasmussen and three others left Cedar Falls to head to Savannah, Georgia for a jewelry show.

Once there, the crew woke up early Tuesday morning, saw the news and got on the road to head home. Next thing they knew, they hit the massive traffic jam on I-75.

"It felt like an apocalypse, honestly there was stranded cars on highway we didn't go over five miles and hour the whole time for 12 hours," said Kayla Wilson.

"We got off once to get gas and I think that took about three hours, about three hours for us to get gas and it was right next to it," said Drew Rasmussen.

It took the Cedar Falls crew 16 hours to get to Savannah, Georgia, but it took them roughly 26 hours to get back home.

They were lucky, and didn't get into any accidents.




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