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Tow truck drivers busy after eastern Iowa blizzard

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While many of you had the day off from work or school Monday, tow truck drivers saw one of their busiest days.

Sunday's blizzard damaged dozens of cars or caused them to run off the roads.

What may be a standard job for tow truck drivers took on a whole new meaning Monday.

With extreme cold and some really strong winds, it's a tough job.

Blowing snow whipped across highways while tow truck drivers did their best to get their jobs done.

Lots of cars wound up on the side of the road after blinding conditions Sunday.

"It was hard to see where the sun was at. Couldn't see the road in front of you. Just the wind was blowing so hard. I've never seen anything like it. It was quite a blizzard," said Tom Minton.

His car went off the road during Sunday's storm.

Minton is lucky.

He and a friend were able to push his car out of the snow - saving him a few bucks.

But others weren't so lucky.

They went so far off the road, they had to be towed out.

"(Mon)day is pretty hard because the snow is like concrete - real hard. You can walk across there and all of a sudden drop 3 feet. Real hard," said Doug Aschbrenner, a tow truck driver with Sheetz Towing.

For tow truck drivers like Brian Hockey, a day like Monday is just part of the job.

He expected to respond to about two dozen incidents.

"It's been cold and really nasty. The roads are terrible. This is not fun but it's a job," said Hockey.

While the towing companies don't mind the business, the drivers recommend during days like Sunday - if you don't have to go anywhere, stay home.

And if you do get stuck, stay in your car until help can arrive.

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