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Postage stamp prices going up Sunday

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Starting Sunday the price for a first-class stamp goes up to 49 cents.

As the doors lock for normal business at the post office in Iowa City, Libris Fedelis says once the doors reopen he'll be bringing a few extra pennies.

He says he knew prices were going up, but didn't know when.

"It's like what the doctor says about your feet and hands," said Fedelis. "You use them or lose them, you have to exercise. Well it's the same thing with the post office.  If people don't use the post office as much as they should, then there's not going to be a post office."

While some rushed to the post office before the temporary 3 cent per stamp hike, staff at the Chait Galleries in downtown Iowa City were planning months in advance.

Terri Miller Chait helps run the gallery and says electronic forms of communicating with their customers are more effective, especially with this stamp increase.

"While we're still going to continue sending some postcards, we're going to change that up a little bit and we're going to reduce that list and increase the newsletter blast to a lot of our customers," says Chait.

Chait says they started to look at other ways of pulling in customers, in anticipation for an increase.

Before, they were mailing at least 6,000 post cards to their customers, when the stamps were 46 cents apiece.

Now she says they'll be using other digital media.

"With post cards, if you send 6,000 we can only reach 6,000 people. If we do it electronically we can reach a lot more people, we think at the same costs," said Chait.

The stamp increase is expected to generate $2 billion in new revenue to improve the postal service's financial situation.

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