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Mechanics: It's so cold anti-freeze is freezing

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WATERLOO (KWWL) - Mechanics at Boubin Automotive in Waterloo told KWWL two vehicles came in on Thursday after overheating because their anti-freeze froze.

According to Manager Shawn Streittmatter, it's rare because the chemical is usually meant to tolerate temperatures of 30-35 degrees below zero.

"I've only seen it a few times. I mean we've seen a lot of anti-freeze that's bad, but I've only seen probably a handful of cars in all the years that have actually got to the point where they got slushy and froze inside the radiator," he said.

He recommended anyone who had doubts about fluids in their vehicle to stop by their local mechanic for a quick check.

"Most mechanics are pretty helpful people. That's kind of the business they're in," he said.

Meanwhile, truckers have been dealing with the cold weather as best they can.

Kevin Whitkowski brought a truck load from Hudson, Wisc., to Waterloo on Thursday.

He said in his 25 years as a truck driver, he's driven through hurricanes and blizzards.

"When the temperature hits the teens, they tell us to keep the truck running," he said.

Whitkowski said when the temperatures are as cold as they were Thursday, he keeps his truck running to keep the heat flowing in the fuel tanks so the diesel doesn't gel up.

"It did get a little last year when I was up in International Falls, Minn., where it was 40 below and that's without the wind chill factor, and she was starting to gel up," he said.

Whitkowski said depending on how cold it is, it can be just a few hours before diesel starts to gel up.
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