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Iowa DOT blames temps for early pothole season


Your drive to or from work may have been a little bumpy, that's because potholes are popping up across the state.

Iowa Department of Transportation officials warn drivers that they're noticing potholes earlier than usual this year, thanks to the freeze and thaw cycles much of the state experienced.

John Hart, the assistant state maintenance engineer for Iowa DOT says the freeze and thaw cycles crack and break the pavement.

“We're having potholes occur in the month of January and February here. The reason for that is because we've had these extreme temperatures where it gets really warm a little bit then extremely cold,” said Hart.

The potholes may also have extreme impacts on your car.

Iowa City Tire and Service owner, Jake Byrum says there could be both long and short term damage.

“It could potentially cause an accident depending on how deep the pothole is,” said Byram. “It can cause rim damage, wheels to get bad, suspension problems and run into popping the tires themselves.”

He says the severity of the damage depends on how deep the pothole is, and repairs can range anywhere from $100-$1000.

“We run into it pretty much every year,” said Byram. “You get people that run into big potholes and it'll cause the tires to either pop or bend the wheels that will cause a vibration.”

Iowa DOT crews will have to wait until the temperatures are warmer to dry out the potholes and give them a temporary fix.

“Our crews are out there not only working the winter storms that we've been having but also trying to attend the potholes and other things occurring on the road systems,” said Hart.

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