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Grassley refuses comment on IJH

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Senator Charles Grassley has been vocal in the past on failures to the foster care system, but he had no comment Wednesday on Governor Terry Branstad’s decision to close the Iowa Juvenile Home, where some kids in the foster care system were placed.

The placement of these children in need of assistance, or CINA kids, was criticized in the Iowa Juvenile Home Protection Task Force's recommendations to the Governor. The task force said these children in the foster care system should not be under the same roof as delinquents.

Senator Grassley agreed with the sentiment during a Wednesday interview.

“"I don't have the slightest idea why [foster] kids would be put in the Juvenile home in the first place because that's an entirely a state institution,” Grassley said. “You probably don't want to mix up children as opposed to the general foster care students, and I think you have to look at them as two separate groups.”

Grassley told KWWL, he supports adoption over foster care because, in foster care, the children often get shuttled from place to place.

“They get shunted from home to home so much so. A lot of kids, through their lifetime, have been in a dozen or more foster homes, and what we want to do is get permanency,” Grassley said. “We want to promote adoption because people want permanency.”

The concept was illustrated in a 2011 documentary called “From Place to Place”, and Grassley was even featured in the film, in which he met with two young adults who grew up in the foster care system.

The correlations between the Iowa Juvenile Home’s CINA kids and the conceptions in “From Place to Place” struck a cord with KWWL, especially after several kids were taken out of the Juvenile Home weeks before the home was set to close and sent to an emergency shelter.

On Wednesday, KWWL asked Grassley if he agreed with Branstad’s decision to close the home. Grassley said, “No. I don’t have anything-basis for that judgement.” He, then, immediately walked away.
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