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66-year-old encourages others to get off couch and get active

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A Dubuque man has lost more than a hundred pounds since he began working out last year. Now, he hopes to encourage others to get off the couch and become more active. George Andresen began working out at the Stonehill Wellness Center in Dubuque last January. He said he began working out just because he wanted to improve his health.

"I had a job that was all computer work," Andresen said. "So I never got up for 8 hours and then I would go home and sit more."

Before Andresen began working out he said he weighed 286 pounds.

"I think he wore a full body suit when he would come in. He was afraid to show off his body." said Stonehill Wellness Center director, Cole Lueders.

Now, a year later, Andresen has lost 104 pounds. Andresen said the weight loss has made him feel young again and full of energy.

"I can't sit still," Andresen said while working out Wednesday. "I'm getting more projects done than I ever thought I possibly could."

The weight loss has also benefited Andresen's health and self-confidence.

"I wanted to blow the socks off my doctor when I saw him," Andresen said. "I see an internist twice a year, I have high blood pressure. I saw him six months ago, so I would have been six months into my program and all the lab tests and everything else were just outstanding. The good cholesterol is way up, the bad cholesterol is way down, the blood sugar is way, way down and my body fat is cut in half," he said.

"You can just see his self confidence increase," Cole Lueders said. "I've never seen that much confidence increased in such a short amount of time."

Andresen said he hopes his weight loss inspires others to also get up off the couch and become more active.

"Walking is the greatest exercise you can do," Andresen said. "if you just went out and walked. Start with a mile, you know like "walking a dog" speed, you don't need to get all hot and bothered. Just walk at a steady walk and if you can do that for a couple hours a week you will be surprised how much better you will feel."

Andresen said now that he has reached his goal, he is now concentrating on main ting his current weight.

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