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Tow truck drivers ready for icy roads


All-day rain and dropping temperatures led to icy roads in the Cedar Valley Friday night.

Waterloo Public Works Director Mark Rice supervises the city's plows. He said it's tough to pre-treat roads on days like this, because the salt is washed away by the rain.

The wet weather and slick conditions meant the the tow truck drivers at Jim Lind Service in Waterloo were ready to go.

Lind said he they're often called to busy intersections, bridges, and interstate interchanges.

"It's kind of like bank robbers, they go where the money is," he said. "That's where the accidents are, where the people in cars are."

The drivers have a first-hand view at some of the worst road conditions. Lind said they spent most of this morning pulling people off frozen sections of Highway 20.

"Reaction time is never quick enough, and with the glare ice that we had this morning, we had a lot of cars in the median and ditch," he said.

Friday's wintry mix kept police busy with accidents.

Lind said ice is worse than snow, because it's days like Friday when they have more calls for help. So, here's the same advice he gives his drivers: if it's slick, go slowly.

"We don't want to come and get you, too," he laughed. "We have to be extra careful, too."

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