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Furnace repair businesses are heating up

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While heaters are working overtime in the bone-chilling temperatures, technicians at Brandt's Heating and Air Conditioning say they are too.

Business at Brandt's in Iowa City has been heating up.

The down-right dangerous and bitter temperatures that chilled over most of eastern Iowa outside, are causing some heating problems inside.

"Comes with the territory nowadays with as cold as it is," said service manager T.J. Brandt. "We're not getting anymore than normal than you would expect in weather like this, but yes we are getting our fair share."

Brandt's received more than fifty calls of priority one, that means people with no heat. Those are on top of other calls related to heat maintenance.

Al Thomae is a maintenance worker at Washington Plaza, says they've responded to two calls of tenants not having heat.

"If it's more than we can handle, then we call our heating company," said Thomae. "It's a high priority especially during the day so we can get it done during normal working hours so people are comfortable through the evening."

He says the cold not only impacts people, he says pipes can freeze and that's a bigger problem.

The most common service call has been furnaces overheating, something Brandt says happens often.

He says Monday's calls are really not different than the one's he expects in July when the heat indices are sky high.

He says heaters are working overtime, that's why it's vitally important to keep the thermostat at a constant setting.

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