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80-year-old Enid Young of Dysart retires as "Toy Lady"


Enid Young has a passion for making sure children have a toy to call their own. Affectionately called the "Toy Lady," Young began cleaning and repairing toys more than three decades ago.

It started when she went to a garage sale in Dysart and found some stuffed animals.

"So I bought four or five and took them home. The next Saturday I went to another garage sale, and by the end of the summer I had 46 stuffed animals. I didn't know what to do with them," said Enid Young.

Enid Young first partnered with a local man who sent clothes to a mission in Mississippi. She's now sent toys all around the country to children in need.

"I was averaging more than 2000 toys a year," said Young.

Young said for many children, this was the only toy they'd get.

"I would never send a toy no matter how hard I tried to fix it up, if it wasn't going to last. If this is the child's only toy, it has to be reasonable quality and in good repair so it's not going to fall apart and be a disappointment," said Young.

The 80-year-old sews extra clothes for dolls, puts together kits for Barbies, and re-stuffs and cleans up animals.

Young said it cost about $800 a year to ship all the toys. But she always got enough donations from organizations and people in the community to cover the cost. That is, until her last shipment in October.

"I was in the hole $1.40. To me, God spoke to me and said you're done," said Young.

After 30 years, Enid Young said she's ready to pass the title of "Toy Lady" to someone else. She hopes this story inspires someone to continue what she started.

"I just loved it. I loved it," she said.

Enid Young said she'd love to share her knowledge of toys and make sure children around the country still get toys sent with love all year long.

If you're interested in getting in contact with Enid Young, click here to email KWWL's Danielle Wagner for more information.

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