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Popular Apps to help you keep your resolutions for 2014


Each year, the percentage of smartphone users goes up. A recent study found more than a quarter of smartphone or tablet owners plan to use their device to help with their New Year's Resolution.

More than 200,000 Apps are available for download on smartphones or tablets. Many of those Apps are free, including several that could help you keep your New Year's Resolution all year long.

If getting fit is your goal: you might try MyFitnessPal.

"MyFitnessPal has been a really popular one because it helps you track all of your calorie intake for the day as well as your exercise," said Tara Neal with U.S. Cellular.

Along those same lines, eat healthier with the Lose It! App, which monitors your diet and ensures you're consuming the proper foods.

If you want to manage your finances in 2014 , Mint is a popular App.

"That helps you track finances and get a better sense of where you should be at," said Neal.

Maybe your resolution is to learn something new. You might want to download Khan Academy. It provides easy-to-follow lessons from field experts on math, science, finance and history.

After seeing your family during the holidays, maybe you want to do a better job of staying in touch this year. Skype helps you do that with a variety of chat options.

No matter what your resolution, there's probably an App for that.

Experts say an App could be that something extra you need to stick with your resolution a little longer.

"You have a phone with you everyday so it's a constant reminder of your New Year's Resolution, so when you're looking on your phone, it's just another reminder to help you to be successful with whatever your resolution was," said Neal.

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