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Snow removal costs pile up

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For the crews that clear your streets, this has not been as easy winter.

"Quite a few little snow falls," said Brian Sullivan, Waverly Public Services Superintendent. "You know each one that happens, you have to go out and take care of it ... We'd rather have it all at once, and get it done, but Mother Nature doesn't cooperate that way."

In Waverly, they're a bit ahead of their snow removal budget, like a lot of Iowa cities.

The smaller, frequent snowfalls are part of the problem.

"You have to get them taken care of otherwise they'll build up and cause problems," Sullivan said. "After each 1-2 inch snowfall, you have to go out and treat. Whereas if you got it all at once, you just go out there, plow it, get it off and treat it."

It doesn't matter if it's 2 inches or 10, it still costs money to run the plows. So in Waverly, they try to save money by staying ahead of the snow, and clearing it before it gets packed down. They also hit the worst spots first -- snow routes, stop signs, severe hills and curves.

Because despite the costs, Sullivan said the snow has got to go.

"Generally, what we try to do is make it safe for the public, the traveling public out there," Sullivan said. "So I look at that before I look at the money end."

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