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Sweet Tooth: Tootsie's Ice Cream and More

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Tootsie's Ice Cream and More is open for business in La Porte City. Formerly the Union Station, the shop was only open about four months of the year. However, new owner Corey Seibert plans to be open all year as long as there's community support.

"We waited until winter to buy it, but it's done very well. The people of La Porte have supported us well, and it's been real good," said Corey Seibert.

La Porte City is home to the third Tootsie's Ice Cream and More business in eastern Iowa. In February 2012, Seibert opened a location in Vinton (previously Leon's Malt Shop). Then in November 2012, he opened one in Center Point.

This year, he noticed the old Union Station for sale in La Porte City.

"Well, I get all my buns daily from the La Porte Bakery for all my stuff. I drove up here during the week getting my buns all the time from the bakery, and I noticed this place was for sale," said Seibert.

Seibert, his three children, and sometimes his wife work between the three Tootsie's locations.

Tootsie's has soft serve ice cream and food. Early next year, Seibert plans to add broasted chicken in La Porte City. By summer, hard ice cream will also be available. All three locations are called Tootsie's in honor of his late mother.

"My father always called my mother Tootsie. That was her nickname, and my dad was an ice cream lover," said Seibert.

Corey Seibert's mother passed away right before he bought the first business. It was his daughter's idea to name the shops after her.

Seibert previously restored cars for 30 years and said his mother wasn't a fan of his ideas -- until this one.

"She said I really think that's a great idea, which she never says, so we thought, hey even she thought it was a great idea," said Seibert.

Seibert said his mom was right because buying the businesses is turning out to be a good idea.

Also in honor of his mother, a Tootsie Roll is handed out with every purchase made at Tootsie's Ice Cream and More.

During the winter month's, Tootsie's locations are open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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