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Donations to help pets in need for the holidays


Are you still looking for a gift for the animal lover in your life? One option is to make a donation in that person's name to any shelter, rescue, or other animal organization in your community. It can give help for the holidays to many animals in need.

Tattoo, Henry, and Trixie all came in to the Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo with medical conditions. Tattoo is a seven-year-old Doberman surrendered by his owners. He can't be adopted out yet because he has heartworms.

"So he needs heartworm treatment. We're going to go through that in the next few weeks. We're trying to get some weight on him, and then we'll start the heart worm treatment," said Vania Warns with the Cedar Bend Humane Society.

Tattoo needs a series of shots, which cost between $300 and $400. Without treatment, he'll die. Monetary donations mean he can get the treatment and then go to the adoption floor.

Henry is another pet in need. The two-year-old boxer came in as a stray. He's on the thin side and has a rip on his left ear.

"Unfortunately when they get a rip on their ear, it bleeds constantly and is hard to heal up. We're looking at maybe some surgery to stitch it up," said Warns.

Vania Warns said his ear surgery will likely cost around $100.

After surgery, Henry will also be ready to go to the adoption floor.

"Especially it's Christmas time, and we want these guys to get the help they need and find a good home," said Warns.

Trixie is about eight months old. She's one of about 100 cats currently up for adoption at Cedar Bend.

"Trixie had a bad ulcer on her eye, and we thought we have to remove the eye," said Warns.

Luckily, vets were able to remove the ulcer without removing Trixie's eye. Warns said the left eye is a little foggy, but other than that there's no side effects.

The Cedar Bend Humane Society accepts all kinds of donations, from blankets to treats to food. But monetary donations also make a big difference in helping the animals.

In addition, you can designate how your money is used, such as animals in need of medical treatment. It's those donations that make it possible for Tattoo, Henry, Trixie, and countless other pets at numerous shelters across eastern Iowa to be adopted.

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