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Burglary Prevention Tips from the Dubuque Police Department

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As many eastern Iowans prepare to head out of town this weekend, the Dubuque Police Department wants to remind you to keep your house secure. Officers recommend focusing on the three L's when it comes to burglary prevention: lighting, locks and landscaping to make sure your home is secure.

 "Make sure you have good quality locks that are used consistently, that's the key. They don't do any good if you don't use them," said Lt. Scott Baxter of the Dubuque Police Department.

Lt. Baxter says lighting is also very important. He says exterior lighting is key. He says those lights can be motion censored, photo censored or just on all the time.

"With today's energy efficient light bulbs it is not that expensive to run additional lighting," Lt. Baxter said.

When it comes to landscaping, Lt. Scott Baxter says you just need to maintain your property.

"It gives that impression to the would-be burglar that this person takes care of their home. They're most likely prepared for this type of a crime. It may make it a little bit more unappealing for someone to target them," Lt. Baxter said.

The Dubuque Police Department also does free home security assessment for those who are interested. Lt. Baxter says in the assessment, an officer will look around the property and give the owner recommendations on making their home or property safer.

The Dubuque Police Department says if you do notice any suspicious or criminal activity immediately call local law enforcement.

For a list of other burglary prevention recommendations from the Dubuque Police Department CLICK HERE.

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