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Authorities warn Iowa hunters to keep an eye out for meth labs


The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says it should be a good second shotgun deer season, but they are warning hunters to look for discarded meth labs while in the woods. 

Grant Nelson of Dubuque was one of many hunters out Saturday.

"I'm just looking for one to hang on the wall," Nelson said.

DNR officers say while hunters are focused on bagging a buck, they may also stumble across a crime scene. The DNR says meth labs can be dropped off in many areas where people typically hunt.

Nate Johnson is a DNR Conservation Officer.

"When people are manufacturing methamphetamine, they may dump some of that stuff out in the field," Johnson said. " Hunters may find those dump sites and that's something you want to be really cautious about handling. It could be really bad stuff to handle or inhale."

Officials with the Dubuque County Drug Task Force say hunters should watch for cold medicine boxes, batteries, cold packs and pop bottles or sports bottles.

"If they got plastic bottles that have hoses coming out of them or they are finding large packages of pseudoephedrine, that is stuff people are using to make meth," Nate Johnson said.

Officials with both the Iowa DNR and Dubuque County Drug Task Force say do not touch those items and call local law enforcement immediately.

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