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Puppies found in rubber tote, some cry animal cruelty


Some are calling the incident animal cruelty, but Duke is still a very lucky dog.

"Very lucky to be rescued and brought to our facility," said Sybil Soukup.

Soukup is the Executive Director of the Humane Society of North Iowa in Mason City. Last week, Duke was brought in with his six siblings. A passerby had come across the 8-week-old puppies stuffed inside a plastic storage tote, sitting on the curb of a Mason City intersection.

"Unfortunately, it was a very cold day," said Pat Gansen of Mason City Animal Control. "It was one of those days it didn't get above zero. Luckily they had each other to keep them warm."

They were brought to the Humane Society, and nursed back to health. Caretakers don't know the breed of the dogs, but think they might be part Boxer.

"They were wet, they were cold," Soukup said. "But they were still alive."

Now, the dogs are thriving, considering what they've been through. But Gansen said if no one had seen them, and they were left out overnight, they could have froze to death.

"I just get disgusted with people sometimes," she said.

They don't know who abandoned the dogs --

"But our goal is to find these dogs loving, forever homes, where they'll never be left on the side of the road again," Soukup said.

Still, she said the dogs didn't deserve this treatment. She would rather they have been brought to the shelter.

"This is a living creature, and if you are taking on the responsibility for their life, then you need to see it through," she said. "Putting them on the side of the road is basically throwing them away."

While the Humane Society tries to find homes for the dogs, they ask that anyone with information please come forward.

The person responsible could face animal cruelty charges. For more information about the Humane Society of North Iowa, visit www.hsni.org.

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