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Waterloo Mom: My sons' bus driver is a bully


A Waterloo mother said she's had enough of her kids' bus driver bullying them to and from school.

Victoria Gerold's six and seven-year-old sons ride the bus everyday.

According to Gerold, their bus driver cusses at the students on the bus.

"He came home crying last night telling me the bus driver was cussing and swearing at them on the bus."

Gerold said she's filed a report with the bus company, Durham School Services, in the past, but nothing has been done.

That's why she said she decided to confront the bus driver at the bus stop Wednesday morning.

"I had asked him why he was swearing at my kids. He told me he didn't have time to discuss this s*** with me was his exact words, and I just told him, 'No, you're going to because you're not going to be swearing at my kids,'" she said.

Gerold admits things got heated when she confronted her sons' bus driver on the bus.

She said once the bus driver told her he was going to "donkey kong" her, she felt threatened and got angry.

"They came up, the bear claws came up. Them are my kids," she said.

Gerold told KWWL she blames the schools and the bus garage for "putting her kids in this man's care."

Meanwhile, Executive Director of Student and At-Risk Services for the Waterloo Community School District Cora Turner said she hasn't received any complaint about that particular bus driver.

"I have no problems with any parent asking a question of any individual that's working with their child. That's a normal thing," she said.

"Parents have a right to address other adults who are working with their children," she added.

Turner said Gerold never talked to the school district to try to resolve the problem.

"If there's a driver swearing, I expect them to let the building administrator know about it. I expect the building administrator to address it with that driver and follow up with Durham. I can't tell you about Durham's personnel procedures and policies, but I do know repeated offenses of our drivers are dealt with," said Turner.

Officials with the Waterloo School District could not release the surveillance video from the bus incident on Wednesday, however, they told KWWL Waterloo Police have received a copy of it and it'll be part of an investigation.

"I did not see, based on what I saw, that a resolution could be reached in a manner that was acceptable to either party," said Turner.

A statement from the bus company, Durham School Services, is as follows:

"Durham School Services takes the concerns shared today very seriously. We are investigating and will work with our district partner to address the situation appropriately based on our findings. To most effectively and immediately address parent concerns, we ask parents to reach out to our bus management team directly with any questions or concerns regarding their student’s transportation."

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