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Winter weather not keeping Iowans off bicycles

IOWA CITY (KWWL) - David Farber rides his bicycle 50 to 100 miles per day. Yes -- even in winter weather.

"There's a lot of new accessories out there from different manufacturers that allow you to get out, even in weather like this, and really enjoy and be safe at the same time," said Farber.

Just like cars, bikes need to be maintained for riding during the cold months.

"Air, brakes and chains are the most important things," said Andrea Cohen, a salesperson at World of Bikes in Iowa City.

Employees help bike enthusiasts prep their bikes for the winter weather.

"You focus more on the drive chains, so all the gear and chains and moving parts are getting stuck up with sand and salt and ice, so focus on that," said Cohen.

As you're driving in a car, however, the last thing you might expect to see on snowy roads is a bicyclist.

Transportation planners say keep an eye out -- especially on streets with shared lanes or bike lanes.

"We live in a town that's very popular for people to walk and bike, and all those people need to be watched out for," said Kristopher Ackerson, Assistant Transportation Planner for the Metropolitan Planning Organization of Johnson County.

Bicyclists say that it's important for drivers and bicyclists to follow basic winter driving tips: Slow down, and leave space between you and the person in front of you -- helping keep everyone safe.

"It's possible to still slip," said Farber. "Cars need to slow down when they come to intersections. Bikes also need to do the same thing. Everyone just needs to watch out for each other."

If you are planning on riding your bike during winter, transportation planners say make sure you use flashing bike lights -- even during the day -- so drivers in cars will see you.
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