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Dubuque company helping Google develop Google Glass


One small Dubuque company is helping tech giant Google develop uses for its new device Google Glass.

Design Mill, located in Dubuque's Historic Millwork District, is a software development company with 12 employees, including president Nathan Greiner.

Greiner said Design Mill is looking to create augmented reality programs for Google Glass, where the wearer could look at, for example, a page in a textbook and a virtual 3D model would pop up from the page.

"It takes 3D animators. We have programmers as well as graphic designers to pull off building an app," Greiner said. "There's a lot of skill sets that go into that, but we have those all here."

He said he envisions designing software for Google Glass that could impact the worlds of medicine, education, manufacturing, tourism and more.

"If a company is interested in solving a real-world problem, (like) 'Hey, my hands are tied up and I can't use my phone to access information,' I can throw these glasses on and potentially learn how to do a task the first few times," Greiner said. "So we see major training implications."

For Greiner, "It's really Star Trek," he said with a chuckle. "You know, you say, 'Hey, Okay, Glass,' and then do what you want to do: 'Take a video,' 'Show me how to do something' or 'Pay a bill.' It really is pretty awesome."

Google Glass is not available to the public just yet.

Design Mill is one of 8,000 developers worldwide in Google's Glass Explorer Program, which helps the tech giant continue to develop its new technology.

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