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Eastern Iowans stocking up for possible snow storm


Ready or not, the first significant snowfall of the season is headed toward eastern Iowa.

At Edgewood Hardware store in Cedar Rapids, ice melt and shovels were flying off the shelves.

"I've sold a lot of ice melt today and people looking at shovels," says Jordan Lauderdale, a cashier at Edgewood Hardware. "[It's] important for us to have all that our customers need and to not run out of ice melt, not run out of shovels because they need it and we want to help them."

Workers say they ordered an extra shipment in anticipation for the potential snowfall, to make sure their customers are prepared, but Edgewood Hardware is not along. 

Coffeesmiths is also making sure they're well stocked.

"I think during the first hour of the snowfall we'll anticipate a lot of people to get their hot cocoa, or whatever it might be as the snow if coming down, if it gets very bad then people are going to head home," says owner Julie Lammers.

People there were ordering a cup of joe or hot chocolate to stay warm.

We checked and some cities in eastern Iowa have pre-treated roadways in advance of the storm.

While this isn't expected to be anything out of the ordinary for us, it is the first real snow of the season


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